Jul 15 2016

Hey guys, if you haven’t been able to reach the site using antonyelchin.net, don’t worry, the site isn’t gone. We’re back to our old domain, anton-yelchin.com, and will be on it for good! Huge thanks to my friend, Mouza, for helping me get it back. If there’s any part of the site that isn’t working/loading for you, kindly let me know. The other domain, antonyelchin.net, isn’t redirecting, I haven’t contacted my host about it yet. However, that domain is expiring anyway, and I’m not yet sure if I’ll renew it for another year. I don’t have much funds to spend on sites at the moment. But anyway, if you have the site bookmarked using the previous domain, update it to anton-yelchin.com. Thanks! :)

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