Jan 11 2015

January 11, 2015Author: JasperComments Off on New Layouts + Gallery Update!

I put up new layouts here on the main site and on the gallery! I hope you all like it. I mentioned before that there’s a lot to work on the gallery, and I thought it’d be best if I do it by year and by category. So to start it all, I’ve updated the gallery with over 400 HQ photos of Anton attending various events from 2014. Check them out by clicking any of the thumbnails below!

Aug 09 2013

August 09, 2013Author: webmissComments Off on Mega Photoshoot Update

Hello everyone! I have updated the gallery with many of Anton’s photoshoots throughout his career, including some HQ photos. Enjoy!

2~9.jpg 1~11.jpg 2~8.jpg4~7.jpg 1~13.jpg 5~7.jpg  4~8.jpg2~15.jpg 1.jpg 1~20.jpg

I also made a new theme for the photo gallery, so definitely check it out!

May 10 2013

The official movie posters for Star Trek Into Darkness have been released. Anton’s poster has been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

Also, the movie comes out in theaters on May 17. Feel free to comment/leave a message if you are going to see it!


Gallery Link:
Movies > Star Trek Into Darkness > Movie Posters


Aug 29 2012

August 29, 2012Author: webmissComments Off on Gallery Update

I’m slowly getting to adding lost photos to the gallery, so today I have added tons of public appearances and candids. Enjoy!

10.jpg  2~3.jpg3~2.jpg 12.jpg 14.jpg

Jul 23 2012

July 23, 2012Author: webmissComments Off on Gallery Update

Hi everyone, my name is Nicole! I’m so thrilled to be owning this site now. I aim to provide you with the latest Anton photos and news, so please stay tune! I have updated Anton’s recent projects on the sidebar, and have updated the gallery with tons of photos, with more to come soon. Enjoy!

2.jpg 1~0.jpg 1~1.jpg1~2.jpg 1~3.jpg 

Gallery Link:
Movies > Hearts In Atlantis > Stills
Movies > House Of D > Stills
Appearances > 2002 > July 10 | Television Critics Association
Appearances > 2005 > April 24 ? 4th Annual Tribeca Film Festival – “Fierce People” Premiere
Appearances > 2006 > January 18 | TCA Winter Press Tour
Candids > 2006 > January 25th

Jan 05 2012

January 05, 2012Author: webmissComments Off on The Wrap’s Awards

Our gallery was updated with pictures of Anton Yelchin at The Wrap’s Awards.

anton_28129.jpg anton_281129.jpg anton_28729.jpg

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> Appearances > 2011 > 2011 12 01 – The Wrap’s Awards

Jan 02 2012

January 02, 2012Author: webmissComments Off on Beat The Odds Awards

I updated the gallery with pictures of Anton at Beat The Odds Awards, enjoy!

anton_281529.jpg anton_28329.jpg anton_28529.jpg

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> Appearances > 2011 > 2011 12 01 – Beat The Odds Awards